Boris was the head of security in New Ashland. He was cruel and emotional in the way he carried out punishment. He was also known to be very racist.

Boris serves as a primary antagonist in the story.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Boris found Romello, Natalie, Eli, Gary, and AJ in the car that belonged to James and Molly. He assumed his friends had been murdered, so he brought in the five suspects to await trial while Rolf gathered evidence.

He developed feelings for Natalie, though they were not returned. Dr. Benway later framed her murder, and Boris, feeling betrayed, volunteered to carry out the sentence via shot to the head, but felt too weak, and gave Benway the gun.

Boris held Romello for turning Natalie towards murder, and tried to kill him, but accidently gave him the chance to escape. The same day, Molly returned to camp, and Boris realized Natalie was not guilty to begin with. He kidnapped Nathan and decided to murder him to make up for the unjustified execution.


Boris was driving Nathan out into the woods to be killed, when a wolf jumped in front of the truck. Boris stepped out to deal with it, and Nathan took the oppurtunity to shut the door and lock it. Nathan drove away while the wolves ripped Boris to shreds.