Dr. Benway was the head doctor in New Ashland. Though he definitley knew more about health and medicine then anyone else in the town, he tried to terrorize the people around him.

He serves as one of the story's primary antagonists.


Dr. Benway came to New Ashland after the epidemic, and because of his extended knowledge of science (specifically biology), was asked by Nathan to be the chief medical officer.

On his way to New Ashland Benway found a car crash. The driver had been holding onto a package right before he died, and he grabbed it from his clutches. Inside he found several bottles of an orange pill, which he decided to test on Ethan.

At some point, he captured wolves and bats, and developed a plan to infect the wolves with rabies, and hold the town hostage with them. He told Nathan and James about his plan, and both agreed to go along with it.

Shortly after, however, James had a change of heart, and told Benway he was going to find the rabies vaccine and liberate the people of New Ashland. He left with Molly, but never returned, and Benway counted him dead.

When Romello, Eli, Natalie, Gary, and AJ came to New Ashland in James' car, Benway became paranoid that they had met James on the road and were planning on distributing the rabies vaccine. He manipulated Ethan into helping him, threatening to tell the town about his addiction if he didn't go along.

Benway murdered AJ, and framed Natalie for it, leading to her execution. After Molly was discovered, and it was revealed that she had never met Romello or his friends, he showed no remorse for killing Natalie and AJ, and instead killed Molly before she could confess to anyone.


Ethan eventually confessed the plan to Rolf, who confronted Benway. Benway fired at Rolf, but missed, and was shot in the head.