Ethan was a thirteen year old boy living in New Ashland. He had a girlfriend named Karen, but was dissapointed and unsatisfied with the relationship. Dr. Benway intoroduced him to the orange pill, a powerful narcotic that gave him powerful halluscinations.

Ethan is an antagonist in the story.

Post ApacolypseEdit

Ethan was bllackmailed into working for Dr. Benway, who threatened to tell the entire town of his narcotics abuse. Ethan rarely agreed with the doctor, and guilt from the evil deeds he was doing drove him to use more and more pills.

Ethan taunted his girlfriend when she tried to inquire about his odd behavior. Eventually, he confessed his addiction to Rolf, and uncovered to the detective the extent of Benway's madness.


Dr. Benway threw Ethan's pills into a large bonfire. Once alone, Ethan walked into the fire to find his pills in order to satisfy his addiciton. He was burned alive, but satisifed with his ending, being completley satiated by the pill.

Ethan was declared "missing" by New Ashland officials, as no one was around to see him die, and there was no body to discover.


Ethan took the orange pill to feel a rush. While on the orange pill, he saw a completley orange figure named "the Orange Man", who would keep him company. At first, he only saw the Orange Man while on the pill, but eventually it became malicious, and taunted him constantly. By the end, the only time Ethan could escape the torment of the Orange Man was while he was on the pill.