Hope was a prisoner in New Ashland. She was accused, though falsley, of abusing narcotics.


Hope was sentenced to life in prison for using drugs. Though she never actually took drugs, Ethan had thrown a bottle in her pillowcase to throw suspicion off himself. She was condemned to live in an RV at the edge of camp.

When Romello, Eli, Natalie, Gary, and AJ were imprisoned in the same RV, she was thrilled to have company, and became especially close with Romello.

Hope was moved out of the RV after Natalie was executed, for her own safety, and eventually freed after Ethan's confession.


Romello- Hope helped Romello survive as a prisoner, and became one of his closest friends. She was one of the primary reasons Romello came back to New Ashland.

Rolf- Rolf took pity on Hope, and felt bad about the severity of her sentence. He tried to exhonerate her on many occasions, and snuck her extra rations.