John was a neighbor of Romello's before the epidemic, and eventually moved in with him. Before the apocalypse, he was abused by his parents. He joined Jed's group, and was constantly picking fights with everyone.

He serves as a primary antagonist in the story.

Post ApocalypseEdit

John moved into Romello's house where the two stayed for a month. Tensions grew, and they finally moved out of the house and scouted for supplies. They found a group of theives, and John fit in perfectly. However, Romello ended up feeling sorry for their victims, namely Jed and his friends, and were banished. They joined Jed's group, though John did not see eye to eye with anyone there.

Jed was threatened by a large boy named Clyde while on the road. John stabbed Clyde to death, though no one was around to witness it.

In Eugene, John shoved Jed to the ground to be killed by members of a dangerous militia. He fled the city with Natalie, but was not allowed to come with her any farther. She threatened him at gunpoint and told him to leave. It is possible he returned to Eugene.