Natalie was one of Jed's closest friends, and implied girlfriend. She was part of his original group heading to San Francisco. Her brother was AJ.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Natalie was initially distrustful of John and Romello. She was reluctant to even bring them in.

When the group reached Eugene, she grabbed AJ and ran from the militia. John followed her, but she forced him to leave at gunpoint. She and her brother continued to walk through the night until they finally reached an abandoned car. She was disgusted at the sight of a dead boy clutching a cooler outside of the vehicle, but hid it from AJ so the two could take refuge there. The body turned out to be James'.

Romello and Eli, accompanied by Gary, found the two of them there later. After a brief rest and reunion, they hit the road again, only to be captured and taken to New Ashland.

Boris developed a crush on Natalie, though she didn't return the feelings. She made sure to look after AJ, Romello, and Eli while they were prisoners.


In order to get rid of Natalie, Dr. Benway killed AJ and blamed the murder on Natalie. The citizens of New Ashland tied her up and debated her fate in the campfire pit. Dr. Benway was finally chosen to execute her with a gun.