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The view of the lake from Camp McLoughlin, the real world location of New Ashland

New Ashland was a settlement established by children and young adults from Ashland. It consisted mostly of students from Ashland's high school, middle schools, and elementary schools, though babies and young college students also resided there.

It was established in Camp McLaughlin, based on real life Camp McLoughlin.


A list of notable New Ashland residentsEdit

Nathan- The elected leader of New Ashland. Nathan was discretely plotting to take over the town by military force, though he ultimatley failed and returned to his job.

Rolf- The only detective in New Ashland. Rolf was responsible for proving offenders innocent or guilty, though he strongly disagreed with the town's harsh justice system.

Boris- The head guard in New Ashland, responisble for security.

Dr. Benway- The head doctor in New Ashland. Benway controlled Nathan behind the scenes and was planning to terroroize the town.

Julia- A high-ranking guard, responisble for carrying out justice in many cases.

Ethan- A drug addicted teen.

Karen- Ethan's girlfriend.