Rolf was the only detective for New Ashland. Described as always wearing a suit and tie, Rolf tried to bring order to the otherwise chaotic camp.

Post ApacolypseEdit

Rolf was tasked with the investigation of Romello, Eli, Natalie, Gary, and AJ, as soon as they were imprisoned in the camp. He asked Nathan to take the prisoners out into the woods and banish them, but Nathan denied the request.

The only item of interest he could find was a blue cooler, which he gave to Dr. Benway on request.

After it was reported that Natalie killed AJ, he was sent to investigate the scene of the crime. He found no evidence that the accusations were false, but begged the people of the town not to execute her. His voice was ignored, but he left the campfire pit before they killed her.

The next day, after Romello's escape, he pulled a gun on Boris, who was threatening Eli. Rolf let his guard down for one second, and was slashed by Boris' knife. The chaos was abruptly cut short, however, when Molly stumbled back into the camp.

Rolf was never informed as to the real cause of Molly's death, but used the incident to release Eli and Gary.

That night, he took his garbage to the bonfire, where he found Ethan. Ethan confessed all of Dr. Benway's plans, and indicated himself as the person who framed Hope for drug abuse. Rolf rushed back to the campsight to arrest Dr. Benway. The doctor tried to resist arrest and shoot Rolf, and Rolf fired back. Rolf was unscathed, but Benway was killed.

The next day, Rolf declared Ethan missing, and filed the death reports of Dr. Benway and Boris. He kept his position as head detective, and exhonorated Hope.


Rolf is calm and orderley, and hardly ever loses his cool. He is against executing prisoners.